Quantum Technologies Careers Fair

Thu., Jun. 24, 2021, 12:00pm-5:00pm (EDT/GMT-0400)

This event connects leading employers with ambitious talent, offering keynotes, sponsor company talks, speed networking and company career booths. Finding and retaining the best talent is hard in most industries. In the quantum technology industry, this is exacerbated by the complexity of the underlying subject, the challenges in understanding the landscape and the recent acceleration of capital flow into space. The Careers in Quantum Technologies Fair connects leading employers with ambitious talent. It acts as a platform for companies to communicate what its like to work with them, and support applicants with networking. Agenda (Eastern Time, ET): Intro/Welcome session – 12:00pm – 12:10pm Keynotes: 12:10pm – 1:00pm Company talks: 1:00pm – 2:45pm Skills Talk and Q&As session – 2:45pm – 3:30pm 1:1 Speed Networking session – 3:30pm – 5:00pm Exhibition booths will be available from 1:00pm. ?? About the organisers: QURECA launched the first global recruitment and training platform to develop the quantum workforce. In 2019, the Royal Society described QURECA Ltd. as the company that ‘fills the gaps in the existing quantum community, creating a society ready for quantum through a common language.’ QURECA also offers professional services, business development and community building. https://qureca.com/ ? The Quantum Daily (TQD) is the leading online resource dedicated exclusively to making Quantum Technology accessible through news, information, media and data. The business provides daily news updates, interviews and content. Through its subsidiaries, it provides marketing, consulting and data support for its customers. https://thequantumdaily.com/ Register now to secure your place, more information coming soon! Please note most of the jobs available are in UK, US, Europe, Canada. Please do not register if you are unable to work in these areas.

Produced by Qureca & The Quantum Daily

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Dear organizers,
It was my deepest pleasure to attend such an amazing program date back to 24th June 2021. It was very incredible and educational. I want to ask if there’s a certificate of participation, as it will suffice my records. Thank you,

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