* Besides the engineering challenges, there’s yet another obstruction – too few people understand the technology. According to this NY Times article –
Next Tech Talent Shortage: Quantum Computing Researchers
the labor pool in quantum computing is a fraction of what’s projected in next five years.

If you’re curious about Quantum Computing, then you’re at the right place.

Even more, at the right time. This fascinating field is emerging from the lab and steadily progressing toward commercial viability. *

Getting you up to speed with a variety of online learning opportunities, customized to your background, is our goal.

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Here are four explicit motivations why now is a great time to spark up your quantum curiosity:

(1) If a reliable and economically sensible quantum computer can be built, it will solve a wide range of important problems beyond the reach of today’s best supercomputers.

It’s not exaggerating to claim access to these devices will radically transform society, preparing Homo Sapiens like no other technology since fire, to step boldly into the solar system and beyond.

(2) Hence why there’s a wide spectrum of activity – from startups to large enterprises, along with globally recognized research institutions, and growing list of sovereign nations – all collaborating to move Quantum Computing forward. Such multi-category activity means there’s a growing demand for non-STEM expertise.

(3) Engaging with these highly informative sessions on Quantum Computing is your excellent opportunity to jump into the loop on this innately exciting approach to computing.

The insights you’ll learn by engaging in these quality curated sessions will put you at a notable advantage when this genuinely transformative technology is ready for Main Street.

(4) Wrap your mind around a captivating alluring model of how the world really works. Simultaneously intriguing and rewarding, you’ll see the world in a radically new way as you learn the rules of the game when the playing board is measured in Plank Units.

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