Virtual PAR-a-thon Workshop

Tue., May. 25, 2021, 10:30am-2:30pm (EDT/GMT-0400)

Developing standards within the global IEEE ecosystem provides an open and collaborative platform to develop solutions through consensus building with a commitment to advancing technology for humanity. The IEEE standards development platform offers a variety of opportunities from the development of open source technical and data standards to conformity assessment programs to standardized registries- providing multiple paths to nurture your work and make significant global impact. The PAR-a-thon An early step in initiating an IEEE standards development project is the submission of a Project Authorization Request (PAR). PAR-a-thons are events that offer a first-hand learning experience for potential Working Group leaders and volunteers considering pursuing a standards development project. The hands-on educational workshops will present tools, tips, and best practices for the most efficient and effective approach to complete and submit a PAR and offer a view of the process from PAR’s approval to publication of the resulting standard. This Virtual PAR-a-thon Workshop is a two-session event. Session 1: PAR Champions’ Presentations Developers of EMB standards projects will share the journey of their standards focusing on specific phases in the lifecycle of standards development. They will also discuss the outcomes and the impact of the standard on research, industry, government, and society. ‘Lightning Presentations of PAR Ideas for the Live Lab’ will follow the Speakers. PAR ideas will be selected from the participants submitting their ideas (refer to the section on Submit your Standards Project Idea for the Live Lab). The objective of session one is to prepare the participants for session two. Session 2: Live Lab in the Virtual Breakout Rooms This part of the PAR-a-thon workshop is interactive and ‘hands-on’ for participants. We will have breakout rooms to be assigned different topics from the accepted Lightning Presentations or other topics that may be of great interest to many participants. The virtual breakout rooms will feature live lab facilitators, including members from the IEEE EMB Standards Committee, its Working Groups, and IEEE Standards Association (SA) operation staff. The facilitators will inform, coach, and assist participants in understanding the different aspects of the IEEE SA PAR, and provide tips on how to successfully write and complete a PAR document that will streamline the review and approval process. Beyond this workshop, the EMB Standards Committee and IEEE SA program managers engage with Standards Working Groups. They guide, facilitate, and share critical steps to success in growing your working group community and maintaining a pragmatic and conducive roadmap towards achieving the end goal- publication of an IEEE standard. The Outcome This workshop will get you ready to submit a PAR with confidence and will provide a good foundation for your standards project to move forward.

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