Mists Demystified

Misty States – A Graphical Approach To Learning Quantum Computing

An animated beginner-friendly canvas (with instructional video) where only high school algebra required for learning about the basic gates used in both classical and quantum computing, and also how to combine those gates into algorithms.

Understanding Misty Structures

The main goal of Mists Demystified is to disprove the following deceptive popular perception, a damaging viewpoint because it discourages people from participating in a fascinating emerging technology with the realistic possibility of elevating the quality of everyone’s lives.

(FALSE ❌) ➡️ The Credentials Theorem – Appreciating the beauty and magic of Quantum Computing is possible if and only if you have solid STEM credentials.

In fact, only sufficiency is true, while the converse – that STEM training is necessary to meaningfully grasp what is fascinating about QC is flagrantly false, as we demonstrate throughout this material.

Learning Insights – To deliver an enjoyable learning experience to readers with limited STEM background, strategically located below are options for taking a gentler slope to digest potentially unfamiliar concepts.

*Based on book Q Is For Quantum by Dr. Terry Rudolph (2017) and paper Teaching Quantum Information Science To High-School And Early Undergraduate Students by Economou, Rudolph, and Barnes (2020).