Quantum Curious is a collaboration between Terrill Frantz and Nathan Schor, respectively a teacher and student of Quantum Computing, and is maintained by Athul Suresh and Sarvesh Raghuraman.

Both Terrill and Nathan realized that while there’s plenty of learning material available for those with advanced degrees in quantum physics, there’s not much for those lacking a hard-core STEM background.

Even more, when considering what is available for beginners, it’s not clear which content to pursue and in what order – a challenge sufficient to dampen the  enthusiasm of the most ardent learner.

Hence, Quantum Curious aims to recommend material curated specifically for newbies like you, thereby optimizing your education experience, encouraging you to continue exploring and climbing the learning curve.  

A clear signal indicating Quantum Computing is building up to a promising future is the wide spectrum non-professional enthusiasts the field is attracting – from bio-engineering majors to Python coders to marketing gurus to technical attorneys, and not surprisingly, investors. Of course, each of those arrives with their individual goals.

Delivering to you timely and useful content is much easier if we knew something your specific background and intentions. Please let us know those by answering this one-page one-minute questionnaire.

Finally, Let us know if you’re interested in helping with this much needed initiative. It’s a great way to become acquainted with the industry and its contributors.