The Quantum Revolution, How quantum computing, communication and sensing will change the world

Wed., May. 05, 2021, 11:00am-12:30pm (EDT/GMT-0400)

The Quantum Revolution How quantum computing, communication and sensing will change the world Quantum phenomena such as entanglement, superposition and interference, are now being harnessed by researchers to develop radically new methods of computing, communication and measurement. Over the next few decades, these applications could transform the way we live and work, from deploying unhackable communication networks to opening up new realms of scientific inquiry with arrays of ultraprecise clocks. This event celebrating Argonne’s 75th anniversary will explore the role of quantum science and technology in shaping our future. Program Keynote Dario Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research Panel Discussion Moderator David Awschalom, Senior Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory; Liew Family Professor in Spintronics and Quantum Information, University of Chicago, and Director, Chicago Quantum Exchange and Q-NEXT Panelists Stephanie Wehner, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor in Quantum Information, Delft University of Technology and Research Lead of the Quantum Internet Division, QuTech Birgitta Whaley, Professor of Chemistry and Director, Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center, University of California, Berkeley Jun Ye, Fellow, JILA; Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics, University of Colorado

Produced by Argonne National Lab

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