Beginners View of QC Industry & Community

Quantum Computing Report

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“Women in Quantum” Virtual Summit Dec 14-16 (No Charge)

RSVP Here to the third Women In Quantum Summit (Dec 14 -16) spotlighting female researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and investors in quantum technology to a global audience, as well as offering them a safe, dedicated community to collaborate and succeed.

This no charge digital event features over a dozen high profile female speakers, including founders of prominent quantum technology companies, government representatives, investors and leading academics working in various fields of quantum information science. RSVP Here

Universities Worldwide

If you’ve quenched your curiosity and are ready for a deeper dive into the field of Quantum Information Science then here’s a worldwide listing of universities at Universities (QuantumComputingReport).

Alternatively, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology maintains a list of Master’s programs, including many recordings of department heads describing their programs.

Quantum Computing Meetups USA/Canada

Here you’ll find a list of 41 local meetups hosted and attended by QC enthusiasts, much like you. If you’re fortunate to live near them, then we strongly recommend they deserve your attention because  they’re a wonderful way to meet QC enthusiasts like yourself while learning about the industry and its players.

And if you’re not so fortunate, then that may turn out for the good since it represents a splendid opportunity for you to start a QC meetup where you’re located. It’s much easier than you think, especially since we can help.

Since we actively organize and host QC events, we’ll help with time consuming tasks like finding speakers and marketing the event. If that sounds interesting, then contact us.

Note: For the global listing of QC Meetups, the source of this list, see Quantum Computing Meetups Worldwide. Those numbers are striking evidence of the upsurge in curiosity about QC from the informed public: | 58,000 members | 125 Meetups | 82 cities |  27 countries. 

  1. Austin Quantum Computing-Artificial Intelligence Meetup| Austin, TX
  2. Austin Quantum Information| Austin, TX
  3. Bay Area Quantum Computing Meetup| Berkeley, CA
  4. Bellevue Quantum Computing Study Group| Bellevue, WA
  5. Cambridge Quantum Computing Meetup| Cambridge, MA
  6. Chicago Quantum Computing Meetup| Chicago, IL
  7. Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Chapel Hill, NC
  8. Northeast Ohio Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Cleveland, OH
  9. Columbus Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Columbus, OH
  10. Dallas Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Dallas, TX
  11. Quantum Programming Society – Dallas Chapter| Dallas, TX
  12. Quantum Enthusiasts| Fremont, CA
  13. Quantum Technologies – Master Degree Programs (Globally)| Harrisburg, PA
  14. Quantum Computing Global-Group-Admins| Harrisburg, PA
  15. Harrisburg Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Harrisburg, PA
  16. Houston Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Houston, TX
  17. Southern California Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Irvine, CA
  18. Kansas City Quantum Computing/Mechanics Group| Kansas City, MO
  19. Quantum Compute Littleton/Denver Meetup| Littleton, CO
  20. Theoretical Quantum Mechanics| Langhorne, PA
  21. Programming Quantum Computers Los Angeles| Los Angeles, CA
  22. Quantum Computing| Mountain View, CA
  23. South Florida Quantum Computing Meetup| Miami, FL
  24. New York Quantum Computing Meetup| New York, NY
  25. Applied Quantum Computing| Pasadena, CA
  26. Philadelphia/Harrisburg Quantum Computing Meetup| Philadelphia, PA
  27. Portland Quantum Computing Meetup Group| Portland, OR
  28. QuantumCurious| Redmond, WA
  29. Raleigh-Durham Quantum Computing| Raleigh, NC
  30. Minnesota Quantum Computing Meetup| Saint Paul, MN
  31. Saint Louis Quantum Computing Developers| Saint Louis, MO
  32. Quantum Security| San Francisco, CA
  33. San Francisco Quantum Computing Meetup Group| San Francisco, CA
  34. Quantum Computing, AI, and ML| Santa Clara, CA
  35. Women in Quantum Computing and Applications| Seattle, WA
  36. Seattle Quantum Computing Meetup| Seattle, WA
  37. Practical Quantum Computing| Tampa, FL
  38. Association Quantum| Toronto, ON
  39. Quantum Computing and Data Science| Toronto, ON
  40. Toronto Quantum Information( QComputing ) Meetup Group| Toronto, ON
  41. Washington Quantum Computing Meetup| Washington, DC