Graphical Interactive Ways To Learn Quantum Computing

Misty States

An animated beginner-friendly canvas (with instructional videos) for learning about the basic gates used in both classical and quantum computing. Based on book ‘Q Is For Quantum’ by Dr. Terry Rudolph.

Quantum Game

Quantum simulation LEGO bricks. An in-browser simulation & visualization of quantum mechanics.

Quantum Country

An introductory textbook, Presented in a new mnemonic medium which makes it almost effortless to remember what you read.


Learn to build quantum algorithms from the ground up with a quantum computer simulated in your browser.


Go from zero to building real-world quantum solutions. No PhD required!

Quantum Atlas

A multimedia encyclopedia hosted at the Joint Quantum Institute.

Quantum Computing for Babies

A Programming and Coding Math Book for Little Ones and Math Lovers from the #1 Science Author for Kids