Featured Resources Curated For Beginners

QC Pertinent Articles From Scientific American, Quanta and Wired Curated for Beginners

If you’re brand new to QC, then this unique collection of well-illustrated articles is a wonderful place to start your learning journey.

Most are from Scientific American, which for 175 years has published in-depth articles informing public of progress across STEM fields. Written for an educated inquisitive audience exactly like you, and authored by pioneering researchers, including Nobel laureates, here we’ve curated those which focus on quantum computing and information processing.

Quantum Computing Stack Exchange

This is a wonderful site for getting technical questions answered or concepts clarified, useful once you start looking at intro books.

You Ready to Put Toe in Water?

If you’ve sufficiently satiated your QC curiosity where you no longer want to observe, but instead are ready to participate by actually ‘doing’ some QC, then this site – Quantum Computing Powered by Strangeworks – is a great way to begin.

It’s a unique resource with the dual sequential goals of acquainting you about QC’s transformative potential and, equally important, once inspired, provide you the resources needed to apply QC to address significant societal problems.

Beginner Friendly Blogs

Superposition – By William Hurley (aka whurely), the serially successful IT entrepreneur who’s become an unabashed QC evangelist with the goal of ‘Humanizing Quantum’: –

I sincerely believe that all of our hopes and dreams around everything from going to Mars to curing cancer will be somewhat dependent on quantum computing; making it the space race of our generation.

We couldn’t agree more.

To facilitate that outcome he’s admirably applying his previous success to create several valuable resources. Two examples of those initiatives – Quantum Computing and Quantum Computing Stack Exchange, are featured elsewhere on this site.


Shtetl-Optimized – By Scott Aaronson, a well-regarded QC researcher who’s also a prolific entertaining writer, occasionally irreverent and humorous (The Talk), but always informative. Includes an extensive list of online resources (scroll down on right side).